Scrum Master is a person who mainly acts as a coach for the Scrum Team.

Scrum Team  comprises of the following teams

  1. Development Team :     Development Team is responsible for building the product right.
  2. Product Owner :             Product Owner is responsible for the building the right product.
  3. Scrum Master :               Scrum Master helps the team to understand scrum values, principles and practices etc

Following are the responsibilities of a Scrum Master


Scrum Master is often considered as a coach for the team, helping the team do the best work to achieve the sprint goal. He  creates and offers learning opportunities instead of thrusting their ideas, advice and views onto others. Scrum master as a coach, can be coaching the individual with a focus on mindset and behavior, the team in continuous improvement and the organisation in truly collaborating with the Scrum teams,

Servant Leader

Scrum master manages a team not by telling them what to do, but by removing impediments that get in their way and by coaching them in agile best practices. He is a servant-leader whose focus is on the needs of the team members and those they serve (the customer), with the goal of achieving results in line with the organisation’s values, principles, and business objectives.

Process Authority

Scrum Master have the authority over the process followed to achieve the project deadlines and helps the team to stick with an exercise regimen and perform all exercises with the correct form.

Interference Shield

Scrum Master act as shield for the team and whatever obstacles appear in the path of scrum team are managed by Scrum Master. No Obstacles can hamper the performance of the team. All the bottlenecks appearing in the development effort of the team are taken care by Scrum Master.

Impediment Remover

An impediment in Scrum is a factor that blocks the Development Team in its creation of a valuable piece of software in a Sprint, or that restricts the team in achieving its intrinsic level of progress. A good Scrum Master will push for permission to remove impediments to team productivity. A great Scrum Master will be prepared to ask for forgiveness. He keeps track of impediments which can be or are there in the process of development.

Change Agent

Change Agent is the one who acts as the catalysts for the changes occurring in the Scrum team. Scrum Masters  know how to shift the status quo and help create a more suitable environment. They know when to be disruptive and when to be careful. They understand organizational changes can take a longer period of time. However, their willingness to change acts as a catalysis to drive the organization forward. The strength of Scrum is making bottlenecks and problems visible, great Scrum Masters create support within the organization to truly resolve these dysfunctions.

Skills Scrum Master should possess

  • Knowledgeable
  • Questioning
  • Patient
  • Collaborative
  • Protective
  • Transparent


Activities performed by Scrum Master on daily basis

  • Scrum related activities
    • Sprint Planning : Work to be performed in the Sprint is planned at the Sprint Planning. 
    • Sprint Execution:  It is the time period during which task level work is performed by the development team to complete the features committed during the sprint planning
    • Sprint Review :  In Sprint Review, following points are discussed
      • Demo of the Sprints functionality
      • Presence of Stakeholders is there
      • Product Owner and Stakeholders discuss backlog
      • Stakeholders ask Questions
    • Sprint Retrospectives: Sprint Retrospective is an opportunity for the Scrum Team to inspect itself and create a plan for improvements to be enacted during the next Sprint. The Sprint Retrospective occurs after the Sprint Review and prior to the next Sprint Planning
    • Daily Scrums : A Daily Scrum meeting is usually held in the morning, to discuss the context for the coming day’s work. These scrum meetings are strictly time-boxed to 15 minutes. This keeps the discussion brisk but relevant.
  • Assisting Product Owner with Product Backlog Items
  • Coaching Team
  • Communicating
  • Impediment Removal
  • Change Agent


Who can become Scrum Master?

Any one who has the above skills defined can be a Scrum Master. A product manager, technical lead, Resource Manager or Functional Lead and many others can target their career for this position.

A scrum master can be for more than 1 team also.

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